Sorting it out with God, Cowboy’s and Pioneer Women

The American Cowboy is probably one of the closest people to God out there. They sink into the saddle, take a deep breath, look around for the good or bad and move on into the day, they do what is in front of them to do, everyday.

The air they breath is God, their religion is nature, and their promise is to do what is right.

They honor what is right, cast aside what is not.

Cowboy’s clean up to go to town, open doors for others, not just women, other’s, they smile at you as though they have a secret, and I can usually feel their happiness from the smiles I received.

Cowboy’s also known as Gandy’s respect your way of thinking about God, and don’t care if you respect theirs. Mostly because your opinion on God won’t change their opinions, emotions, or way of life. They think for themselves.

Some Cowboy’s are Loners, others take a wife and raise a family. Nothing has changed. A few are preacher’s and others find God in their Saddle on their horse, on their land, in their time.

Their women is there most dependable, hard working ,most relieable individual in their life, the one they have one are their at their side, their work is hard and they would not change a single thing about it,because they love all of it. It is just that simple.