People are Character’s

The mental or moral qualities distinctive to an individual. “Running is not in her character”.  Personality, nature, disposition, temperament, temper, mentality, makeup, quality trait, spirit, essence, identity, tone, feeling.

A person in a play, or movie, role, part, dramatis personae, (who they turn into when they act).

Everyone of us will leave some kind of mark on this earth, large, small, or bold, we are apart of the next generations history, how will you be remembered?

Think about that right here right now? Is that the memory you want others to have? Today is always a new day that allows for change.

Try changing one thing for today, if you like it, do it again tomorrow, and maybe everyday thereafter.

I am a character, I have never danced to the drum of others, I didn’t really ever care about being in the crowd, I never felt I had a place of origin, I am a Gandy.

Everyone has a character, only the fella with it can change it.