Good Sense Media and today’s agenda.

I am sure you have had moments where you looked up and said did that really just happen?
I have those moments every time I turn of any news media.

Is that woman so really so dumb that she really did not know, not to ask that obvious question, in politeness we are taught there are no wrong questions, statements or comments, we are to accept everyone for who and what they are. So I am supposed to smile and lie. And invite them in for coffee. Not really, but politically correct is not correct.

Every one talks about taxing big corporations that hire considerable amounts of people. Reality, small business provides the most jobs as a whole.
More taxes probably mean less jobs.
What poor company or person ever provided a career let alone a job to anyone else?
Sounds like they are setting us up for more homeless people and potentially homeless families when our bread winners loose there jobs due to taxation. I totally believe that when people quit or loose their position many will not be replaced by the employer.
The tax man may cometh, but the common sense hense Goes!!

Everyone needs something to believe in, why not believe in something that is good all the time.


Broken families with multiple parents are a reality today, however it is not new, Did you know that David of The Psalms had 8 wives, 8 children all by different wives, and killed his wife Bathsheba’s husband to get to her. It’s all been going on for a long, long time.


A good portion of a man or woman’s life. A great Value to the character. Work is a part of God’s bigger picture for our life, a display of his sovereignty, Sowing and Reaping go together. Our actual work matters to God. Work is a high calling, what we do and how glorifies God.


For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, and who so ever believes in him shall not parish but have ever lasting life. John 3:16

God gave up a part of his family, his only son Jesus Christ for you. So you could be forgiven and interceded for with the grace of the Holy Spirit, who constantly intercedes for you, even when you are not forgiving.

Reality is we need to let it go. And for that person you may never see again realize that if God ever sets you in an appropriate setting for you to get right with another, that is your direct Que from God himself, Breathe he will provide the words.


We all make choices, they are a large part of how we learn. Some of my choices have given me the opportunity to learn somethings I did not even want to know! Hindsight’s are always valuable, as long as you learn from the experience and don’t repeat the dumb stuff to often. God has a since of humor, he will let me do whatever I want to do.

The secret is not being bull headed, thinking about things before you do them is quite helpful, remember once given up you cannot get back your words, time, and often your money.


I believe that every human being, no matter churched or not, has a deep down knowlegde of right and wrong.


I believe in God, my faith is in that God knows me, loves me, excepts me and never leaves me hanging. God hears me, see’s me, and is probably even amused by me even though in reality he knew, what, when, how, where, and why, I would do everything that I do. His amusement is the end game of my figureing things out for myself.


Useful but not necessary to live successfully. Breathing is living successfully. We should be good stewards of our money and our time.


There is nothing wrong with any of these things, however if you find yourself making decisions that are againt your family, yourself, your body, or your Godly beliefs, doing something you would not do if you did not have them in your life, that may be God’s Que that he would like you personally to obstain. A feeling of unrest on any subject is a nudge from God, telling you things may need to be modified, changed or eliminated in your life. Is what you are doing hurting yourself or someone else.

It is all good stuff in the right setting, Food with Fellowship, Drugs with healing, Alcohol with moderation in celebration, Tobacco on the front porch as he smoked his pipe, and evening conversation of the day often left me feeling blessed. Sex is a gift for man and woman, a private not public event. Firearms with respect for all concerned, always keeps out all the things you don’t want in all of this.


There are lots of kinds  and forms of medicines with all sorts of implications, from Doctors for the Body, Mind, and Organic Physical Self.

In addition to Herbal Remedies, Vitamins, and tons of other concoctions from Warm Brandy to boiled weeds. I think the medicine we all use or do not use is a personal choice, Just as I am not an Accountant or Lawyer, I am also not a Doctor. Each of us must make decisions for our family according to their own beliefs.

Weather you choose a pill or a potus, the choice is yours.

STUFF: My definition: a bunch of stuff that junks up the world after I am gone, that probably no one else wants, that I do not need or use. STUFF.

ANIMALS: Many of their definitions we can identify with real people this list is what you call a group of the species. Interest names in groups:

Children: Family, Class, Brewd

School of Fish

Den: Wolves, Snakes

Herd: Horses, Cows, Sheep, Goats, Manatee

Troop of Monkeys

Gaggle of Geese

Pack of Dogs

Murder of Crows

Unkindness of Ravens

Cast of Hawks

Bale of Turtles

Pride of  Lions

Colony of Ants, Mice, Rats, Insects

Tower of Giraffe

Convocation of Eagles

Embassment of Panda’s

Bask of Crocodiles

Gang of Deer

Drift of Pigs

Army of Frogs

Parliment of Owls

Warren of Rabbits

Streak of Tigers

Pod of Dolphins, Whales,

Smack of Jellyfish

Mob of Kangaroos

Skulk of Foxes

Raft of Penguins

Regiment of Flamingo’s