Freedom & Common Sense

Dumas Gandy, Nebraska Author

Why an alias, mostly because I can, under the Constitution of the United States of America I get to choose some things about this life I live.

Things like:

What I eat or don’t eat.

Believing in God.

My Value

All of the rights under the United States of America’s Constitution

Who I love

What’s beneficially necessary for me, and what’s not

How I learn

Who I learn from

Think for myself

Living my life as I see fit

I have always been spontaneous, out spoken and willing to learn, I like thinking, being creative and finding solutions.

I have no tolerance for lack of common sense, unnecessary abuse, Arrogance, self righteousness, general bullshit. (Sometimes I just have to name it).

I believe in teaching people how to think for themselves. Answering questions with questions and doing the next right thing.

Trouble makes us grow, I have been in and made plenty, the important thing is the lessons I learned and figured out along the way.

The more busy and successful you are, the more adversity and problems you will have, giving you more opportunity to increase your learning.

This site is about adversity, using adversity to grow, finding another way to look at things and maybe even finding the humor in it.

This site talks about God, Scripture and Practical Common Sense Application of Ancient Writtings in todays world.

I hear almost everyday about how our world has changed, I do not believe it has, I believe we are in an information age that reveals more faster, however past the newest iPhone, laptop, or iPad there really is nothing new.

Society, Media and Movies have desensitized us. People sit on the couch and text each other, we are a communal species and we need other humans, we need direct communication with each other, we need human touch, laughter, conversation and each other. Most problems come from failed relationships, not successful relationships.

Technology has made us lonely. My goal is to start helping you reach for each other through the past, and in the present though my daily postings.

Technology is wonderful but not at the cost of losing touch with those you love sitting next to them on the couch.

You know you are successful when those closest to you care the most for you. Nothing should ever replace that especially a piece a plastic with a beep in it.

My discovery is the more I help or advocate for someone else the happier I personally am.

IMG_1182So set a goal to read my post or blog several days a week, unwind your imagination, and dream about the simplicity that comes from honest emotions, and hard work.

As you work on yourself, and your world, things are bound to get better, even if they are already good.


Dumas Gandy