About Dumas Gandy

IMG_0281I received most of my values in my grandparents home in Dumas, Missouri, and I live my life today in the town of Gandy, Nebraska So Dumas Gandy is my personality, we love the Sandhills where we live, we love country cooking, raising animals, collecting the eggs from our chickens, ducks and geese at the end of the day, and the simple common sense things that that God reveals and makes his presence shown in our everyday life as a  whole. I guess you might say I am pioneering in the modern world with the ancient word of God.

I see a society today that becomes who and what the media tells them to become, they are miserable, confused, immoral and lacking by their own standards, and whatever their character defects are they automatically inflict on others.

This sight will talk about God’s Grace, Power and Mercy, as it was in the beginning, is now and forever will be. I will offer practical application to modern conflicts and problems that are actually ancient and forever Re manifesting themselves amongst men and women, I will more likely point out how we make our own trouble along the way. How we might learn to think things all the way through, and how we can actually curb the ridiculous attitudes and opinions out there.

Women were a huge part of building America, Just as much as the men who left a family to stake out a piece of land for a new start. Many men and women alike, started across the frontier to never be seen again, others became prostitutes, gamblers, and business men and women. Blood ran to as they fought to get what they wanted. And God still loved them.

Today people still disappear, leave their family’s , become prostitutes, gamblers, and business men and women, the blood still runs, and God still loves them.

My goal is simply to bring the past and present into the same light. Things really haven’t changed all that much. You just know about it now due to the Information Age and the fact that Media takes one little bit of information, chews it up and wears it in their hair for days on end, if the news is working for the media, they embellish it until we do not know what the real news was or is.

I am fascinated with people and their choices, and I hope to bring life and history into perspective, with simple lessons that will help you learn more about thinking for yourself and seeing that sometimes less is more. Simple is better.

So as you grow from the learning in the life lessons and mindset of the past, thank you for allowing us to help you grow and develop your future to great things, because I believe you can become whatever you want to be by seeking the will of God and asking for his mercy daily.

Blessings and Learning,

Dumas Gandy