The Life of A Rancher

Cowboy’s have been either thrown off the road or put on it in the last 75 years, there open range time was short, the west was developed and their range was gone. However, Cowboy’s worked it out, the saw the value of the undeveloped land and lived for the risk itself. In fact they still do.

Cowboy’s were never afraid to drink up and celebrate and why should they, Jesus did make wine at the wedding, Jesus knew we would need to laugh, dance, have fun and whoop it up, every once in a while. He knew we would stray like sheep and hear his voice when we did. He knows our name, he knows who hears his call.

These men historically are patriots, have a strong sense of right and wrong, and they don’t meddle in the affairs of others, they are the first to help when there neighbor is in need, but they don’t ever butt in, minding their own business is a strong character trait.

With a list of work that grows faster than the day, they know their work is never done, they have the tenaciousness and wisdom to know what is important in life, he values the smiling eyes of his children, He knows his wife is the most dependable help he’ll ever have, they do not imagine another way of life or living. They are thrilled when they find out their children want to be Cow Men and Women.

The Government spends their time worrying about weather the cows are mad, and how much manure they might make. The rancher only worries about the bellies of the consumer, will his beef bring the price, and he knows that God always makes enough.

He will keep in perfect peace all those who trust in him, whose thoughts turn often to the Lord!—Isaiah 26:3 TLB

I love everything about the western way of life, I believe with my whole heart God touched this place in a different way, from the branding to the rodeo, canning, gardens, pickles and family life. God knows we find him in the exceptional nature around us.

As the fall settles in and I see the Cowboy’s Saddled up and Dusters on in the cold due of the morning, pulling together and moving their herds to new pasture, praying the grass lasts long enough, the hay lasts long enough, His kids stay well enough, His wife is strong enough, they get up 2-4 hours in the night to check the heifers, home school their children, keep up with the chores, and praise God for all of it. That is a Rancher.

His skin is withered from the wind in his face, his heart is light because he communes closely with God, the sound of his voice whispers to the soul of the calf when he hears, Ah, there you are, let’s go home.

man on white horse next to dog on grassy field
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