God’s Love, Mercy & Grace after abuse

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I hear things that fascinate me, and I often think what is this person saying and how is it effecting the person they are saying it to?

Spiritual abuse is when you need to remain abused emotionally, spiritually, physically, in order to please a pastor, priest, parent, or anyone else that threatens you with the loss of God’s love and forgiveness if you don’t do something or if you do.

Sadly, people leave church and don’t go to another ever, the church hardens the heart of their own. Christ sought out his missing lambs, in-fact he left the flock for the one.

If you were married and divorced and have remarried in a civil service you are living in sin according to the church, confession , absolution, and forgiveness are not an option until annulment is achieved,  spit, spit, spit!

I think there are a tremendous amount of situations that lead to divorce.  From infidelity to abandonment.

Marriage is a two-way street that cannot be fixed by only one. Many have tried and lost. I think almost all people agree that each person in the marriage will have a part in some way or another in divorce, be it blame, unwillingness, middle age crazy, empty nest syndrome or even complacency.  However for the church to say someone is sinning until they get a piece of paper is ridiculous.

I heard of a Lady lately that had been married and divorced before ever being a member of the church, she and her current husband have been married 25 years in the church and have 3 beautiful children.  A NEW PRIEST has arrived and in general conversation discovered that she was not annulled prior to this union and told her she needed to move out of her home with her children, get an annulment and then get remarried!

There is a big problem here when the church starts breaking up Christian family’s for an annulment fee.  The piece of paper is never going to change the truth here.   Any more than a restraining order stops someone from hurting someone else.

When we go to confession we are forgiven! God does not reach down and grab our throat and say right after you get a pardon from a priest lawyer somewhere. Forgiven is what you are! And to say anything else is limiting God’s almighty sovereign power.

St. Peter denied Christ three times, and in return, Christ was risen from the dead and returned and asked young apostle Peter do you love me, and three times he said he did, and Jesus did not say go get a piece of paper, he said Feed my sheep! Now that is the unlimited proof of God’s sovereign power, it cannot be limited, held back or changed by any piece of Paper!

(Notice Peter denied Christ 3 times and Christ asked it he was loved by Peter 3 times, there is a direct power here, Christ knew that denial had nothing to do with Love, only fear.)

Remember the woman who was found in adultery that was to be stoned, Christ wrote in the sand, and waited, telling each who held the stones , let the one without sin throw the first.  Each one by one dropped their stone and went home, Christ said to the woman who condemns you now? She answered no one, and Jesus said neither do I.

The churches need for annullment is to avoid adultry, it’s confessionalable and forgiveable. Remember we should not seek to do what we know is wrong. However the reality of sin and shame is usually the aftermath of reality.

And then of course there was the Samaritan woman at the well, five husbands, Forgiven! and asked simply to sin no more.

Again he did not say go get a piece of paper! Paper did not change the heart of the sinner Jesus did and still does.

These legalistic papal priests and lawyers remind me a lot of the Pharisee’s of the time of Christ, (include yourself if it applies to you personally).  I have also heard judgmental preaching by Catholic Radio Nun’s. again they could do a lot by looking forward, after all Jesus told us if we look behind us, while planting our fields, our furrows would be crooked!

Cannon Law is just that written and inspired by man, God’s word written and inspired by God, it is Just That!

I am not saying we have no need to confess our sins, we most certainly do, however once we do, we are forgiven, there is no going back, that would be limiting God’s Power, Grace and Mercy!  I will never do!

Absolution and a heart for Jesus is needed.  Not a piece of paper. I think these ridiculous priests should do what St. Peter did. Feed Jesus’ sheep. AND STOP LIMITING GOD’S GRACE, MERCY AND POWER.  The bigger sin here is taking a faithful christian back down a road that was muddy, when God had already repaved it in marble.

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