Never Alone Just Free

Alone and loneliness are not at all the same thing, one being emotional and the other being physical, however they both have the same results, as far as state of mind.

I am working hard to separate the two these days, I’ve never ever felt alone, no matter who wasn’t there in my world, I always felt that there was a spirit within me that spurred on in spite of all the difficulties.

Of recent times I feel as though God abandoned my spirit, however, I am still successful , still a home owner and It all seems so undeserved. Tonight I went to dinner by myself, sat by myself, drank and eat by myself. Do we find Loneliness, or does Loneliness find us. The fact that I have all these things tells me God is here, as quiet with me as I am quiet toward him.

Some people say it’s depression and others say it’s “the devil working in your ear”. I don’t think either. I think as we become more busy, we lose our sociableness, and then over time abandonment of the relationships, even with God, He did not go anywhere, but I did. My priority’s got screwed up.

As a Christian God lives within me through the Holy Spirit, As a Catholic I am inspired by the fact he never leaves me alone, sometimes he is silent, I believe that is to get my attention, it is subtle, not subliminal.

Awareness is another skill I have learned to develop, did you ever test your own integrity or virtue, I have and work to every day, when you constantly test yourself in this area you will find the presense of God through your consciousness, every time you think about cheating on your eating program, telling a lie, going home early, re-niggling on volunteer work, the list go’s on and on. That little thing in you is God.

So the Moral of the story is you are only alone if you choose to be.

Shut God out or ask him in. It’s a private thing. However whether you are a believer or not, your conscious has already told you that are not alone.

I believe every man and woman was born with a natural sense of right and wrong.

Freedom is when you can choose what makes you feel better in your heart and consciousness, Our world:  I want it now.

Inner Peace in the gift that comes from looking inside and not conforming with the crowd. Always trying to do the next right thing. Look inside, you are never alone, then look around.

(TR) wildHorses19d Wild horses in the Sand Wash herd management area located 45 miles west of Craig, Colorado, in the Sand Wash Basin. The Bureau of Land Management attempts to place as many animals as possible each year into private care through public adoptions, but adoptions have been declining in recent years because of higher fuel and feed costs. There are no fences within the HMA, allowing horses to run wild within the confines of the basin. . Joe Amon, The Denver Post

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