Profitable Secrets


I don’t know about you lately but I sure have had a lot of requests for surveys, what’s interesting about what the survey says they want to know what I think is wrong with myself, what I’d like to change about myself , what I’d like to change about you , and what I’d like to change about the world.

More interestingly, but not long after I give them the answers to all these things, I have received numerous options for purchases , I am offered everything from Carlos to cat food, gluten-free to sugar-free, Baby dolls to small animals, reptiles or chickens, face creams to Fanny pads, and the list goes on and on and on and on, so let’s find out the real truth, the real truth is there’s nothing wrong with me at all, I don’t need a thing but the world is trying to make me believe that there is, in order to have a need to purchase one of their products to create a solution to a problem I gave them to fix!

Whats most needed to be satisfied, feel healthy, feel better, like myself more, and the sad part is I gave them the power to make me feel that way! As though I wasn’t worth anything, or that I needed more of this or that to feel complete or worthy, and the truth of it is none of it is true.

There’s no plastic products, no soap, no creams, clothes or anything else that’s going to make me feel better about myself, unless I choose to feel good about who I am, who God made me to be, and I am perfect just the way he made me , I am totally buying into that!

I totally know to no longer answer surveys.

When you choose to feel better about yourself, that way God made you, except your personality, your smile, your teeth, your eyes, your hair, the way they are. All of the other things automatically make you feel good, like new clothes, but there’s not enough of anything out there that you could purchase if you do not already have the first love for yourself, and that is the knowledge that you are good and perfect just the way God made you, and you don’t need anyone’s approval, for that and no commercial is going to fix it if you don’t have it to start with!

I recommend that you sit down with a piece paper and write down all the things you know that a perfect about you, on one side, and all the things that you need to throw out Of your house that aren’t going to make a difference regardless on the other.

That’s the best way to change the world. Because you can’t love anyone else until you love yourself.

And God really, really, already does love you, he does not compare you to anyone, in his eyes you are loved for you, the way he made you, just the way you are!

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