It All Changes…The Minute You Change Your Mind.

IMG_1110From the Bible to the Motivational writer in this months best seller, it always comes down to changing your mind. How? How do we change our mind?

Constant new information and opinion are definitely big influencers, if you want to lose weight you need to do what skinny people do, if you want to lead you need to learn what good leaders do, if you want to be a better cook you may need a cooking class, all of these things develop change.

We read books and rarely put what we read into action. Why is that? I believe it has to do with two things, willingness to do what is needed and believing that it will really be worth the effort. Until willingness and belief take hold in your heart and mind things more than likely will not change.

Changing the mind is not as easy as it sounds, One, you must believe and relate to what you are learning. Two, if you are not digesting the information enthusiastically it more than likely it is the wrong information for you. You may need to try something else.

Believing is a bit simpler, people choose to believe lots of things that may or may not be true, however if you believe something, it is true to you, at least for today. Changing belief is challenging, especially if the are inherited or taken into your belief system as a child.

The beautiful thing about being grown up is we can change what we believe and how we think.

The bigger thought is all of this may be simply thinking for ourselves, listening to God within us, knowing that you are not the same as someone else. Each of us is unique and different with our own genetic blueprint. Seek yours.

You get to decide.

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