What You Eat You Think

img_1154I spend a lot of time these days wondering why other people enjoy the pain of others, How about you? I will never understand those who do not see fit to take the responsibility of striving for peace, some people will tell you to work on this while not being peaceful with you, while telling you.

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone._—Romans 12:18

Practical application: Mind your own business about the mindfulness of others when it does not affect you anyway.

Black Friday certainly is a focus of one of the most negative sides of the Christmas Season, buying should be the last concern. Spiritually giving could be a really valuable thing to give.

The Holiday commercialism has created unreal expectations for the children and family that are not remembered in the days and weeks to follow. All of it is instant gratification with so much spending for the sake of spending.

Some family’s literally using the rent money for Christmas Presents when a smaller gift could be just as meaningful. I remember learning as a child that it was not the size of the present but the though that counts.

Loving one another needs to be our only focus, it was and still is our great command, it is the one gift that cost’s nothing and could create world peace, we all do it, one person a time. Be the change you want to see in the world.

When I eat cookies I start to think, I look like a cookie, I certainly feel like a cookie, round, bumpy and out of shape, and I don’t want to crumble like a cookie! However anytime I become out of control of my self, that item becomes the controller, today it was a cookie.

When I think happy thoughts I tend to be happy, when I am negative so is everything else.

How we think about our neighbors, friends, communities should be and can be the most beneficial gift we give this season. And it doesn’t cost a thing. Just do something nice for someone else, and if you really want to make God smile, do it in secret.
Halloween is not here yet, harvest and fall are on there way, and then the Christmas Season, I can already smell the pines.
My Grandma always said Love is really spelled: C.A.R.E

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