My Dreaming Tree

Recently I stopped into the Walt Disney Museum at Marceline, Missouri the place where Walt Disney lived as a child and declared it was the only place he was allowed to be a child.

A Part of his amazing story is the dreaming tree. A tree where as he cared for his sister Ruth, he drew pictures and fanned the pages creating the animation that changed his life and ours who grew up loving Walt Disney Movies, stories and cartoons.  Being a Missouri Girl originally I have always been interested. But it is the heart of this story.

That moment when you find yourself connected, where it has meaning and amazement. As a child I lived in a house that had an out house, and in the mornings I would wake up and tip toe outside in the dewy grass, it smelled so clean and felt cold and damp to my little bare feet. I would twirl around and around, the sun coming into the branches of the pussy willow tree, dancing and feeling only the freedom of God watching, I like to think that he truly does smile when we are lost in the moment as I was that morning and others. I believe that we should all be dreamers.

In a world where we lose so much of ourselves we need to find a dreaming tree, slow down and twirl. you may find out that little things mean a lot and many things and ways. Find your way, Dance and Dream , find the dreaming tree that speaks to your soul, every tree is different and in moments will never look the same, a new branch or leaf sprouted, or fallen, the tree will always be what you imagine it to be. And all the dreams under it are yours.

As the wind sounds its breath of God whispers, enjoy the breeze that he provides for you as you dream, resting in all Gods nature, allow God to antagonize your spirit to a delightful inspiration.

The pictures shown here were taken last week at Riverveiw park, and I am sure everything has already changed. Dream again.

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