Life on a Farm

Ira and Ima came to us this weeks and will be awesome mouse hunters, they love chasing the chickens and jumping over the geese, and like all kittens they love to play and I am fascinated to watch. Ira turned out to be Elmer and Ima Became MaMa Kitty.

Irma has since gotten pregnant and had 5 babies, Tommi Toes, Cally, Scardy Cat, and Tiger, Diamond came up missing! Diamonds do that sometimes.

Irma is a bit lighter in the chest color than Ima however they are sisters. Our old Rubie does not know what to think of them. And the chickens just run! Simple things bring simple pleasures, watching these little cats stock wild turkeys is a ton of fun, and those old hens will just run off the big luggish turkeys.

Our lives are a lot like a kittens adventure, you never quite know where you will be taken, who will jump on you, who’s not honest, and who is. Who or what might hurt you, and where you are safe. However we can learn from the recklessness of kittens, would you rather regret something you did, instead of something you didn’t?

As Irma Cat and Ima Cat adventure, so will I. We will see where life takes us.

Those little kittens jump straight up for about 4 feet, and it is a happy time for all of us.

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