Do you love it today…

In an I want it now world, self-gratification has become an instant mistake that can affect a person’s lifetime without proper financial care, wreck less and emotional disregard,. People jump into payment plans, relationships, strangers beds, jobs, and even plastic surgery without much thought.

Set aside the financial cost of these whims, and look at the emotional choices, we have the next recipe for disaster, unwanted babies, hurt feelings, broken hearts, Sexually transmitted decreases, destroyed work relations, missed employment opportunities, Maimed patients, toxic infections, fat laden foods, and depressed people.

When the bills come, most people are depressed and confused, and can’t even remember the I want it now moment of happiness that is costing presently for last months feeling good now moment, emotionally, financially, physically, scared and marred, just for the I want it now feeling.

It has been suggested that waiting 30 minutes in every situation will bring a person back to reasonable, intelligent decision-making, from your diet to the bedroom, the surgeon to the mental disappointment, the STD clinic to the fast food joint. Just wait.

With the simple idea of just waiting, read a book, breathe, and see if maybe you like yourself, your dignity, your body, and money, more than the I want it now moment.


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