Hurting People Hurt People

IMG_2381I have heard stories of rapes and murders where the surviving victim feels guilty, and do not feel worthy of life itself. It is not uncommon that someone feels like if they did this, or that, maybe nothing would happen to them? Right?  Not necessarily true.

A criminal or a predator is always a criminal or predator. Locked doors do not keep criminals out!

They keep honest people honest.  No object such as a gun or knife, ever hurt a single soul, however the people who use them for the purpose of crime do. Anything, absolutely anything can be a weapon!

Reality is that a criminal will make a weapon, steal something to create a weapon, our prisons are full of homemade weapons! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the criminal population could wipe themselves out!  At least the ones who will never change and always be in and out of the system, they believe they are god, So they don’t need to believe in God, yet they spend their days trying to put the fear of God in others.

They will take harbor in the Church, Manipulate and Decieve, is this intentional or an illness? It is really a matter of right and wrong, we have to be accountable in both situations.  We need to love these people enough not to put them back into a position of failure, or give them access through undue permissions to create more victims. Forgive and forget, not necessarily trust. Earned trust is just that. Earned, talked about, reviewed and re-established.

Sexual offenders are in most cases dealing with additions, and in addition to criminal accountability, they certainly do need spiritual help. Church pastors are a start, however they do need professional training, nitched in the area of the particualar Psycology and abnormality itself. However I do believe true change happens more often than not, when someone humbles themselves to God and Man alike with the admission of wrong doing.

I do think there are people who make a one time mistake that end up inside a prison, however the common criminal with a wrap sheet as long as their arm, is not that person, however the person of no prior incidence may or may not be that person.

I really don’t have a lot of belief in the come to Jesus criminal, after all it could be true, or it could be an act, let them live by example and prove their good person on the inside with no incident, and then decide in a year or two, that there is true change,or just jive talk to get their own way.

Statistics show that more than half of state prisoners end up back in prison within 5 years. Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics. “and most of them spend their life in and out of correctional facility’s.”

So why do victims feel guilty, it’s simple, their abuser tells them they would not  have done this horrible thing……….if the victim had not worn this, said that, done this, laughed at that. The truth of the matter is the criminal has justified their act by blaming the victim and the victim, in shock and afraid believed them.

Criminals are self justifying individuals who will always lay their personal choices on whether or not their mommy or daddy left, or didn’t give them the cookie. Excusing themselves from their own choices, with victorious shouts of it’s not my fault. We all have something that hurt us from our childhood, as adults we get to choose how we will use that experience.

Bottom line true surviving victims often never abuse a soul. They will make mistakes, say they are sorry and that they are wrong, they will live with what the abuser leaves them with, or they will live without what the abuser took. Only God can fill that whole.

The lie is that somehow their victims deserved their self-fulfilling brand of hateful, angry, self-indulgent, unjustifiable justice. Hold’s no water, in our out of court. We must be very careful that our justification never becomes someone else’s abuse.

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