Firing=Solution and Relief

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You need to fire them, but how? I think any business owner has had this need and most of us don’t know the first thing about it, I didn’t the first time, the second……or ever, however I do know that putting it off only makes things worse. I tried making the agreement with people at hire that I would appreciate that if they chose to leave our firm that they go it on the same good terms they came on, that seemed to help.

Firing people and dieting are about the same thing, the longer you put it off the harder it becomes, have you ever noticed that procrastination is always regretted after exercising because no one regrets exercise only when they don’t. So I strive for lifestyle changes now it stops me from starting over, and it becomes a lets get back on track.

It the same with saving money, painting the living room, cleaning the house, whatever it is, not that you don’t have the choice of course.  How do you get started? Maybe it is just doing the thing that is in front of you in the moment.

I have been going to read a book all summer, never got to it, finally I took it out of the amazon wrapper this week and sat it by the chair where I sometimes read given the chance, an voila I read the book, sometimes we do have to make an effort to prepare for our own success.

If you know you are unhealthy or just plain fat, get of the sofa and get out the running shoes, cut the carbs, reduce the sugars, and strap on the right attitude and go for it!

So since I am to fat! off I go!

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