Soul Keepers

calm daylight evening grass
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I think we all know that we are the only one who can keep the most sacred part of ourselves. Our Soul.

Our Soul is where we go for answers, our intuition is what gives us those answers. Seldom do we look outside ourselves and find the answers’ that give us the answers we need.

Advice is often appreciated and nice however, it is someone elses opinion, which provides an answer mostly from their soul, and an answer for their life.

When we keep care of our own Soul, find our own answer’s it is not going to be the same as everyone else, it may not even be defined in the same part of the spirit.

What seems awful for me may be of no consequence at all for you, different souls have different consciousness, this fact does not make anything or anyone wrong for either person, in reality we are all different, the bigger take will be, can you be accepted for who you are.?

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