Alignment of Your Spirit.

Everybody knows how important it is to find themselves and to be in sync with their own happiness, and everything is always determined by the spirit. The alignment of the spirit determines where we are and where we are not, at least it does for me.

Finding your own personal alignment can be tricky sometimes, sometimes your world crashes in one you, over and over again. However it can be found. Weather you believe in God, Buddha or the stars themselves, unless you have rest within yourself there will be unrest.

The restlessness that comes from lack of this alignment is truly the sacrifice of peace of mind. As I write, I am wondering how many criticisms I am receiving just for thinking you can believe anyway except the Christian way and still be okay.  I personally am Christian however, I do not have a problem with those who are not, however I know that many of the people I know have a problem with me for not having a problem with you and your current thinking.  And to be honest I do not know if I would have been Christian had I been offered the choice of choice yourself. However I do not believe there is any reason to undo the deed.

My perception of God and all that heaven allows is probably much different from that of religion itself. I honestly do not believe in religion, I have a big problem with someone telling me that God chooses to love, or doesn’t choose to love someone because of their imperfections. Frankly someone did tell me that lately at a “church”. “Mighty Christian of Em’. I walked away wondering if someday he might find out he has a character defect or two. I knew if he asked me right at that moment I would have been glad to point it out, but since he didn’t ask, I thought it best for him to find out on his own.

God came to earth and he did not hang out with the righteous, he hung out with losers like me, I always knew I would never be good enough or excepted by the rightous themselves, God as I understand God loves the kicked, beat down and broken. And I am just fine with being Just that.

What i know for sure is when you come into alignment with who you are, and who you are not, everything else will fall into place, and it may mean changing who you are, where you hang out, and all the other things you think about, or do thereafter.

Even if you do not you choose to worship in a church, but in the wild or from your own front porch, I think God likes and appreciates the admiration you offer him,the praise you breathe to him, the amazement in all he creates, and he also appreciates the loveing name you call him, from where ever you choose. IMG_0911

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