Life A Journey Never Finished


Life forces us to change, be present, and have the willingness to be teachable and flexible.  The older I get I believe that I also must be more creative and willing to not care about the things that are not life changing.  I love to look for ways to change the lives of others for the better.

Do you have absolutely everything in the world that you desire? If not I am here to tell you that the desire is your queue that the race is not over and the finish line does not exist.  What is the desire? And if you are not doing anything about it, Why Not? I know sometimes things are a long process, because in reality everything we learn to do is.

First we test the waters, do we like it? if we failed at it, how do we improve it? What did your learn from the event, experience, desire? How can you improve it and make it better? and once we figure it out, with our next strategy how do we re-enter and try again.  This is the success pattern of every successful person you will ever meet. The more successful you are the more you will go through the cycle.

Hebrews 12:1-2  refers very nicely to the race of life through Christ, it is what makes it durable.

No matter how good you are, you will never be as good as you could be. And if your are not changing you are not growing, and if you are changing are you growing in the direction you want!?

Let your competition be yourself, to get better every day, better than yesterday. Improving our yesterday assures a better tomorrow. What I give in my life is up to me and I must except that not everyone will reciprocate, and its ok, as long as I do my best I do not ever have to be concerned with someone else and their worst.

Ask questions, not everything is as it seems in our first impression. Some people are hurting already and we should never shoot the wounded!

Grow intentionally everyday, through reading, writing, audio books, books, whatever just grow, because when you grow intentionally you are getting better. Invest time into things that inspire you, such as movies, people or music. Hang out with people who are more influential than yourself, learn from them, we cannot grow hanging out with people who want to hold us down, smaller people will always reduce you, they can still be a friend, love your family, and carefully choose your new friends that will help you grown and become your colleagues.

When we inspire others to win at anything, we are also inspiring ourselves. We get to feel the amazement of helping others succeed. Seeing their smiles and seeing them pay it forward. This is Significant to adding value to others, who will add value to others.

When our spirit and attitude are in good standing, mostly with ourselves, the journey is much more pleasurable.

Copyright 2017 Dumas Gandy

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