What Color is Your Personality?

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

Personalities and Emotions are both of these. And we are each born with our own. I have seen children that never knew they were adopted have character traits of people they never met or knew existed. No matter what we are who we are supposed to be. And most of those traits cannot be changed.

When it comes to our mind not only can it be changed, it can be changed now.

I love the personalities of children, they are not afraid to be themselves, no adult that does not know what they are doing has hurt their feelings, or inhibited there creativity with the do’s, don’ts, and that’s not appropriate.

I know I know, we must try to keep kids on track, however sometimes it is only “not appropriate” to that particular adult, due to their own raising and own teachings.

I am of a belief that if what you are doing is not hurting yourself, or someone else, Leave them alone! 

I v’e spent times unnecessarily  in my life with worry for or about what the neighbors would think? What others would think, about my family, co-workers, and what I really know today is I cannot live my life based on what anyone else thinks. And I don’t want to. If your thinking is not in alignment with my goals, thoughts and deeds, so be it.

I have learned to be flexible and ask questions, I know that more is out there and no one else is ever going to make it available for me. I must do whatever I feel is best for my life and the ones I am responsible for. I may make mistakes in fact I know I will, but they will be mine, they will be my opportunity to grow, learn how to apologize, change, help, what ever it is, its mine.

I want the opportunity to create my own momentum, inspiration and livelihood, I want to feel the zeal for life that Is only mine, it cannot be offered by anyone else, forced by anyone else, and it certainly cannot be inspired by the restrictions and rules of others that seemingly make absolutely no since to anyone except the rule maker themselves.

As I learn, I realize I can only pass on what I have for myself, I have a goal to learn or read something new everyday. I want to be well grounded in who I am , what I am about, I want to feel good inside. I want to feel loved. I want the things I want for myself for others. No matter what they have done to me in the past, I will only replicate a life of kindness to others, how or weather they reciprocate will be up to them, however I beg no one for any part of themselves, that they do not give or, reciprocate in return. I owe them nothing.

I work to have people in my life that know more than myself, I need to learn all the time, so I need to hang out where winners are. I look for problem solvers to hang out with, they teach me things all the time.

Grandma always said, “birds of a feather flock together” What kind of bird are you going to be.?  “Every story I create, creates me. I write to create myself. “Octavia L Butler

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