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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I recently heard Eric Metaxas speak on Focus on the Family about the 500 year celebration of Martin Luther.  Luther was a man who acted like a man, poor taste in humor, and a zealousness for God at the same time, I guess you do not leave your humanity at the door when you follow God zealously.

Humanity is something I see a lot of “religious folks” not excepting in one another around the neighborhood. How can you call yourself righteous if you don’t want a relationship with your child, or another family member.  Day after day I hear of this in itself.

I guess I am naïve I seem to like everyone first and then find out they have the potential to mistreat me, and then I still seem to have a heart for them. What is wrong with me? I guess I just don’t find it easy to write anyone off, no matter how quickly they have the ability to write me off.

I think this is what made Martin Luther such an Icon in the religious world he challenged the church, had the ability to read, and interpreted things differently. Challenged them on there teachings. Hum…. someone who thought differently about how and what to believe………..ahhhh refreshing, another war was on, reformation.

I don’t like the way you think and teach about God so I will go do it my own way. There you go!  Everybody’s doing it.

Tangling each other up in opinion is running this country right now, a little news a lot of opinion. Media will take anything and chew it up and where it in their hair for days, however I haven’t heard a lot about main stream media jumping out to talk about 500 years of Martin Luther.  Maybe he’s on the history channel.

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