New Learning Seasons

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I went to the International Maxwell Conference last month and it was another big event, One thing I really know about John Maxwell is that he loves people, Even before he knows them, John was a minister for many years and it is noticeable that he excepts all humanity, is wonderful and he cares, about our world, the people in it and even me. His message is one of love, forgiveness and insight. “hurting people hurt people” he wants to help. I am grateful. Great books and over 29,000,000 sold.

He talks of God a bit this way: No slaves, just friends that is what God wants from you, acknowledge he exists,  talk to him, know he loves you. He pushes no Religion, religions rules are to much work I think. (that’s my impression).

Roddy Galbraith would have been a great teacher had Martinelli let him get a word in edgewise, Galbraith was interesting and inspiring, I wish I would have heard more from him personally.

I thought Christian Simpson was interesting, he really gave you something to chew on and think about a bit, with the rethinking how you might attempt to juggle, in real time with 3 balls, however, not particularly useful day to day, however every interesting kid wanted to join the circus right? However that was not the point of the lesson, the point was you could accomplish anything in the right frame of mind. And using the mind you could accomplish skill rather quickly, or at least juggling.

Of course he did have his own platform and commercial also, however definitely without the religious dogma or rule of faith requirement. Simpson’s take on thinking, questioning and rethinking for yourself vs. the dogmatic rules of education and religion that is shoved into most of us was a bit refreshing.

With an attitude that every man and woman has the inalienable right to think for themselves and question former teachings and beliefs that may not have served well in their lives and the right to form, take on, and look within themselves for what feels right spiritually.

I am a huge admirer of John C Maxwell for years, however I must admit I walked away scratching my head on this one. The event was not at all the “training” I expected. Just a different kind of interesting.

I attended the Live2Lead Conference with Dave Ramsey, John Maxwell, Warrick Dunn, and some other speakers.

Live2Lead was like extra candy, it was one of the best one day conferences I have ever attended, it was on point, timely, entertaining and fun. Every speaker brought their heart to the stage and it has definitely been worth the trip to Atlanta, and I feared otherwise with a one day event, However, I think I would definitely do it again given the opportunity.

The team that put the event together did an awesome job, they were on time, had good food at vending trucks, and everyone was super friendly and helpful. it was a very awesome experience. Live2Lead did have some great features such as book signing by its Author Speakers. People from all over the USA attended the event and everyone I spoke to agreed it was a pleasure.

I attend these events to gain wisdom, grow, learn and utilize the beneficial parts of what they have to offer in my life, when I walk away with a commercial and only a commercial it is not the kind of learning experience I am after.

This event was truly not a commercial, its content was wonderful, and no one passed the offering plate. Even though there were some worthy charities to give to. Warrick Dunn Charities are definitely on my list to participate in and give to, I was a single Mom once and I remember.

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