Look in Never Alone

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I see a lot of people purchasing items that may not make a difference in their business today. I was told early on, I only get one chance to make a good impression, Me not my décor.  Weather  I wear a suite or dress casual it will never make the psychological work better for the client, people buy our services, knowledge or talents. They want to know that we are competent and will do our best to get them what they want.

They are after our system to reach their goals and nothing else. When we get their approval and satisfaction in this area, it is WIN,WIN. Now the send the referrals especially if you are humble enough to ask for them. They become interested in making  introductions for you to you as a direct result.

I believe middle of the road dress is best for the average walk-in type client, they don’t make an appointment or plan ahead, so they do not expect you to either. Clean and neat and good hygiene is a must for these.

Knowing your client is great knowledge as you can dress just one step above them but not so far they feel out-of-place.  However if you are going out to meet a new client for the first time get out the  and jacket, the truth of the matter is you can un-layer if the jacket and tie is to much, however its a little difficult to get dressed once you realize you are under dressed. This can zap your confidence before you ever begin your meeting.

Body Language is 55% of the meeting, are you clients relaxed or are they cross armed, your demeanor and appearance is going to set this in the first meeting.

My first meetings are always get to know you, coffee, roll, basic client interest. Yes this pushes my close ratio down, however it fuels and drives my business overall, so I never go in expecting anything in a first meeting, however I prepare for everything.

The best preparation for tomorrow is simply doing your best today, and that includes being prepared for the clients who want to do business today. The biggest secret to success itself is to prepare, and all success is a result of preparation, hard work and sometimes learning how not to do it through your failures.

Education in most areas can be helpful to a trade or skill, however it is the doing of the thing that is going to make you a master.  Most times our best education is what we unlearn.

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.   Steve Jobs.

Mark Twain and Helen Keller’s Special Friendship is a result of the fact He treated her as a person with great difficulties and not as a freak. He loved Helen as a friend, helped fund her education through Standard Oil Magnet Henry Huddleston Rogers who paid her tuition to attend Radcliff College, Twain appreciated her radical firebrand, Keller a member of the Socialist party lobbied for suffrage  issues over the mighty dollar, and birth control, where Twain took a more pessimistic, ironic approach, Helen believed love would solve most of the worlds issues, she loved emperialism , yet Twain thoroughly opposed religious dogma, slavery and imperialism, there relationship hummed because they knew and respected one another , however were not in complete agreement.

Twain knew that being revolutionary and breaking ground within a man’s thinking would change the world. And it has the radical posture he took in his day has changed how we look at all special needs. He knew you needed to grow as a person, go within and learn, and the information within would insure that he would not go without.

Be yourself, you are the only one. Oscar Wilde

The point is that no matter what type of meeting your are going to,  it is always about the people across the table, imagine that every person has a sign around their neck that says I am important, and when we treat each person as such,  it gives you both the opportunity to see if you would like to work together. Or not work together. Either way you both win.

Dumas Gandy

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