Really Think Really Change

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I am sure you have had moments where you looked up and said did that really just happen?
I have those moments every time I turn on any news media.
Every one talks about taxing big corporations that hire a considerable amounts of people.
More taxes probably mean less jobs.
What poor company or person ever provided a career, let alone a job to anyone else?
Sounds like they are setting us up for more homeless people and potentially homeless families when our bread winners loose there jobs due to corporate taxation.
I totally believe that when people quit or loose their position many will not be replaced by the employer.

Empty storefronts have increased by about 20% in most area’s. Coal miners took a huge hit. and even Warren Buffet knows and admits wind farms are not sustainable, however due to the tax breaks for Birkshire Hathaway he does it. Buffet said in his own newletter “I will do any legal thing to save on taxes.”
The tax man may cometh, but the common sense hense Goes!!

This country was fought for over taxation without representation long before the current elected, consumer confidence never comes with taxation.

Congressional Representatives should by required to fix fence or dig post holes for $10 hourly, physical hard work would help congress realise, what the actual people give up proudly to be self supporting, most of them have not done it so they don’t get it, people working hourly are selling their life one hour at a time, hoping they have enough hours in them to get their children raised and  off to college, there are no big backroom deals for them.

The last thing we need is the government spending more money creating jobs for people who will be telling the world they need to create more jobs. That’s pretty much how our tax dollar is used.

Benjamin Franklin had schooling to age 10 and worked as an apprentice with his older brother at age 12, he was speaking of Freedom of the Press, Opinion, and the right of free thinking without much formal education at all, he was one of our greatest assets an inventor, author, scientist, father,and father of our country, we have people in office that would rather argue than achieve.

Never Stop thinking! Think for yourself! Learn what interests you! And don’t be told what or how to think!

Great men and women have come from little resource.
If you are an employer would you create more jobs, eliminate them, or retire the position?


John Maxwell tells us the more we fall into habit, the chains of that habit become heavy.

Thinking creates a life of prosperity, humor and happiness, habit without question of its purpose creates depression.         Dumas Gandy

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