Thank You Mr. Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln 1857

America will never be distroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we distroyed ourselves.  Abraham Lincoln

Our 16th president died at age 56 by assassination, yet he held the wisdom of many more years.  His personal reading list was several times reading throughand over again, the King James Bible, Blackstone’s Commentary’s of the Laws of England, Aesop’s Fables, Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography, Bunyan’s The Pilgrims Progress, and Defoe’s Robinson Caruso to name a few of the few that was available to him.

He defended a Native American from his own men during the Black Hawk war, and every bit of commonsense told him that every man, women and child had the right to be.

I guess he proved you do not need tons of information to be wise, just the right information, the ability to think for yourself, make a decision and follow it through.

Lately we have people walking into churches, movie theaters, concerts shooting and killing people. Consequences is what will solve this problem.  Many children continue to misbehave without consequences, whe have raised a society of such, and now, the actual problem is showing in our society.

The requirement to carry a gun is much tougher than buying a gun, nothing against guns, guns do nothing on their own and I believe in my second amendment rights.

In France there were 8 off duty officers in the theater when men came in shooting, they were unarmed due to the laws that do not allow them to carry a weapon off duty.

129 were people were killed, had these officers been allowed to carry off duty many lives could have or would have been saved, perhaps all of them.

People who have a permit have very extensive training of handling guns, gun safety. They go through extensive state patrol background checks, extensive documentation of identity paperwork, Identification processes, with more than the requirement of immigration in fact, and they are born to right American Citizens.

I know of one case where a man went to the Army and served his country for 16 years with his hospital birth certificate, however a certified copy was required for a hand gun permit.

He served as a law enforcement for several years after the milatary, available, extensive records on who he was, and thankfully the system required him to do what everyone else is required to do. Not that he had ever done anything wrong, but the fact that the law is the same for everyone when it comes to requirements is  comforting and through.

Criminals will make or steel guns, “duh” they are criminals!  Criminals will never make good decisions as long as they are looking for an easier softer way on the back of another, race or creed with never change this fact.  Attitude of entitlement drives a person who will take from or exploit others. And most of the justification for such behavior seems to be because he/she did not get a candy bar in the grocery line as a youth.

On the other side of the coin a lock on the door will keep an honest man honest. He will be willing to wait until the store opens, or the home owner returns, he will invade no one. He will wait and save his money, work harder, and take pride in the ownership of his own purchases, home, and family.

It is not about the availability of any weapon ever, it is about the mindset of the person holding it.

Since the beginning of time Kings have taken weapons from the people and the tyranny of those Kings taught people to think and forge their own needed protection.

People will always find a way to fight, if we took the same effort for peace what could our world be like?

Lincoln considered himself a prairie lawyer, where right was right and wrong was wrong. his references were mostly internal, with limited afordable reading and schooling, however, he understood that no matter how educated or uneducated a person is he still is born with an innate knowing of right and wrong.

Therefore, leaving the answer in the fact, that all consequences should be based on a persons choices, without justification, blame or corrupt protection under a law that justifies his or her state of mind, protecting those who were killed in vain, their families and life itself. “I just didn’t think syndrome”

You cannot avoid the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.   Abraham Lincoln

I believe Mr. Lincoln would say we must stop wrong doing with exact consequences, consequences that hold true and the same for every person everywhere in every circumstance.

We used to have laws. now we have opinions, and they are not protecting anyone. Opinions are like rear ends, some are bigger than others, and some stink more.

I think Mr. Lincoln would not listen quietly to opinions and self justifications that destroy lives and families for all time. Changing history with nothing more than a murderous hand.

Let’s call the crime what it is, Murder is Murder, a thief is a thief, and so on, to say someone was killed leaves alot to the imagination, Car accident, horse wreck? What really happened that would be news.

Lincoln would quiet the media that takes one little piece of news, chews it up, and wears it in their hair for days on end until no one even knows what the real news was.

And I believe Lincoln would prompt them to tell the truth for the sake of the nation. And enforce such prompting, honesty surely will never hurt freedom of the press!

Abraham Lincoln said that “No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar” so I am sure he would seek out the truth and act on it.  Call a Dog a Dog, and process the factual information accordingly.

He did it though the actual Civil War and a Grateful Nation Found a way to get along since. Not always perfectly, but we have never sought to go backwards either.

No one in their right mind living today has sought out to own another, or owned another in their life time. There is nothing to repay, or owe, our historical monuments should remain standing to keep the history straight, and be a constant reminder that every person is equal under the laws of our great nation, a reminder to never go back. History will always repeat itself.


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